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Since the community otakukin was deleated, I am making the community thats taking it over. I am Jenna, and I am a firm believer in that Anything and Everything is real

I made a lengthy info about sticking it to the idiots who deleated the other journal. I'm not going to take my stuff off because some whiny idiot wants it off. Freedom of expression, and any other such thing is my right. And if you dont like this place, you have other journals to look at.

This place is all about saying whats on your mind. Weather it be from a video game, and or a dream you had. There is another community that promotes such things. Like Lucid Dreaming, and or dream walking. I and other people who are part of this community are strong believers, or just sceptics here to flame this community. Or just are interested in the topic that Everything and anything is real. Join us. If you want.

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Aim: Jenna Johnstone
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e-mail: jljohnston@cableone.net

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